About us

Voice of India (VOI) aims at providing an ideological defence of Hindu society and culture. It was founded by the late Sri Sita Ram Goel and late Sri Ram Swarup, and has published over one hundred odd books and pamphlets.

From 1950 onwards Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup participated in and led a movement warning against the growing danger which international communism presented to the newly won freedom of the country. The numerous studies published by the movement exist in cold print in many libraries.

In the 1980s Voice of India started taking shape as the two scholars began writing on Islam and Christianity in India, analyzing these alien ideologies which have been on a warpath against Hindu civilization since the days of foreign domination over the Hindu homeland.

As activities around Voice of India grew, intellectuals like K. S. Lal, Abhas Chaterjee, Arun Shourie, David Frawley, Koenraad Elst, N. S. Rajaram, Shrikant Talageri, Ishwar Sharan and others came together and put up a Hindu ideological front to identify and respond to the united front of entrenched alien forces—Islam, Christianity, Communism and Nehruism—trying to disrupt and discredit the perennial values of the Indian ethos.

Now Hindu society has many more battles to fight. Hindu prime ministers must prove themselves secular to the national and international media, growing terrorist activities along the borders are blamed on the Indian Army, and the wombs of Indian women are sold for “surrogacy.” Hindus hope that Muslims will one day correct Islam, even as they continue to look up to western academia who invariably mistranslate and distort the eternal Hindu tradition.