Tipu Sultan: Villain or Hero

Tipu Sultan: Villain or Hero

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We should not confuse India’s Secularism with its namesake in the modern West. The Secularism which Pandit Nehru propounded and which has prospered in post-independence India, is a new concoction. Nehruvian Secularism has been applied in India to explain the fact of Islam becoming a religion, and that too a religion of tolerance, social equality and human brotherhood; or the fact of Muslim rule in medieval India becoming an indigenous dispensation; or the fact of Muhammad bin Qasim becoming a liberator of the toiling masses in Sindh; or the fact of Mahmud Ghaznavi becoming defreezer of productive wealth hoarded in Hindu Temples; or the fact of Akbar becoming the father of the Indian nationalism; or the fact of Sirajuddaula, Mir Qasim, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, and Bahadur Shah Zafar becoming the heroes of India’s freedom struggle against the British imperialism….

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Sita Ram Goel


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